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“Located in the middle of the Hotel Menaville, Christa, Laurenz and their team have been offering a feel-good diving holiday at its best since 1992.

Generous space, exemplary equipment and facilities will impress you too!

We are looking forward to your visit! 🙂

Christa & Laurenz”

We have something for everyone! 😊
  • Boat tours for snorkeling ⛵️
  • Diving at the house reef along the beautiful coast
  • Full day diving tours in small groups 😍
  • Try diving in our bay
  • Beginners diving licence (IAC, SDI or PADI) 👌
  • Advanced diving courses
    … all this in crystal clear water and pleasant temperatures all year round!

We speak: German 🇩🇪 & English 🇺🇸

(Our dive training is conducted according to the guidelines of IAC, SDI and PADI. In the Tec area we train according to TDI standards)

Current Offer


Your Open Water Diver Course in Safaga: Individual & Professional

Individual support is our standard! We give diving courses only in very small groups and take our time. This way we are able to teach diving to the more “cautious” students, unlike large diving schools.

Your beginner diving course, the Open Water Diver, runs over 4 days. Your diving course is divided into theory and practice. For the theory we use our modern training room and diving literature.

The practice of your Open Water Diver course in Safaga takes place in the fascinating Red Sea. Enjoy the warm water and the sunshine! Let the fishes swarm around you. Where else in the world do you have the opportunity to learn to dive in such beautiful conditions?

We have the claim that you can dive anywhere in the world after completing a diving course with us.

Duration: 4 days (without previous knowledge possible, under 10 years only accompanied by parents)

Price:        340,- EUR per person

Best Dive Sites Safaga

The Dive Sites

The diving area around Safaga is still one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Red Sea. Fauna and flora offers everything that makes a diver’s heart beat faster:

  • Coral gardens
  • Steep walls
  • and wrecks are easy and fast to reach

From beginners to professionals. Here nature offers diving experiences for everyone! All this with departure times from only 30min to 90min.

Also for your physical well-being is provided. Daily freshly prepared our crew spoils you with a buffet. Soft drinks, water and tea complete the culinary offer.

As an active member of the HEPCA (Reef Protection Organisation and the Project Aware of PADI) we treat the environment in harmony.

Here we present our 4 most popular dive sites. All dive sites of Safaga can be found on this page:

The house reef

Max. depth: approx. 10 meters

What you can see: morays, turtles, crocodile fish, squid, ghost fish, good chance to see seahorses

Specifics: The house reef consists of 2 coral complexes, which are connected by beautifully overgrown metal frames.


Tobia Hamra

Max. Depth: ca. 30 meters

What you can see: lots of schools of different fish just as very often sighted stone and scorpion fishes are the brand name of this place.

Specifics: Long-drawn reef, only 40 min by boat from MenaDive, stretches from the north to south.

Ras Abu Soma

Max. depth: approx. 25 meters

What you can see: Encounters with grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, fiddle rays, stingrays, eagle rays, and hammerheads are possible.

Specifics: On the plateau you can find up to 4 m large, ancient table corals.

Tobia Arba

Max. depth: 15 meters

What you can see: harem bannerfish and hatchetfish, but also napoleons, barracudas, turtles and much more

Specifics: This place is made for photographers.

Dive Center

From the beautiful dive center we go directly to our own jetty where the boats are ready for the trips. With our extensive diving offer there is something for everyone:

Where the sun always smiles you can of course also take a diving course! ☀️

You can expect crystal clear water with pleasant temperatures all year round. Colourful coral fish from the first minute on – this is no dream. With us it is reality. Convince yourself!

After your diving day the MenaDive Bar is your place to end the day with friends.

What awaits you:
  • 30 complete rental sets of good quality equipment
  • Diving suits in all common sizes. Also for children.
  • Diving bottles from 6 – 15 litres
  • UW lamps & dive computer
  • Training room
  • Top maintained compressor





Spared from mass tourism, 50 km south of the airport Hurghada and 5 km before the small dreamy port town Safaga, the Hotel Menaville is located directly on the sea with a beautiful sandy beach.
Here you can experience the Red Sea from its most beautiful side.

Safaga is originally a fishing village, which has kept its typical Egyptian charm until today.

800m away from Menaville, on the opposite side of the road is the Hotel Alibaba. A city hotel with typical Egyptian cuisine in a quiet atmosphere.

  • extensive green spaces
  • long sandy beach
  • Disco, billiards and café corner
  • Fish Restaurant & Pizzaria
  • Swimming pool with bar

and a lot more for your well-being! 🙂

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Our Prices

– Season 2020 –

For diving, a current fitness to dive examination is required.
Up to 40 years of age this must not be older than 2 years, over 40 years of age not older than 1 year.

Typing errors reserved. Special prices for families and groups on request.

Fun Diving

Diving in Safaga

Always included:

✅ Trip with the boat

✅ 12 litre bottle with best air

✅ Weight belt

✅ first class diving guide

1 Day – 2 Dives each55,-
3 Days – 2 Dives each160,-
5 Days – 2 Dives each260,-
8 Days – 2 Dives each384,-
10 Days – 2 Dives each470,-
Diving at the House Reef: per DIve15,-

Rental Equipment

All Prices per Day1 Dayfrom 5 Daysfrom 10 Days
ABC Equipment€ 6,00€ 5,00€ 4,00
Regulator€ 9,00€ 8,00€ 7,00
ADV Jacket€ 7,00€ 6,00€ 5,00
Wetsuit€ 8,00€ 7,00€ 6,00
All Equipment€ 25,00€ 23,00€ 21,00
Torch€ 6,00
Dive Computer€ 5,00
Boat RIde for None Divers€ 23,00

Dive Courses in Safaga

Try Diving in Safaga

Equipment included

From shore55,-
2 boat dives109,-

Refresher Dive Course

Equipment included

2 Dives Beach or Boat  115,00 €

Beginner Dive Course in Safaga

Equipment included

PADI / SDI / CMAS Open Water Diver340,00 €
Book & Certification: SDI / CMAS55,00 €
Book & Certification: PADI80,00 €

Advanced Dive Course in Safaga

(SDI Advanced Adventurer / PADI Advanced Open Water Diver)

without Equipment & Dives99,00 €
Book & Certification: SDI55,00 €
Book & Certification: PADI80,00 €

SDI Rescue / PADI Rescue Diver Course

(SDI Rescue Diver / PADI Rescue Diver)

without Equipment & Dives239,00 €
Book & Certification: SDI55,00 €
Book & Certification: PADI80,00 €
SDI / PADI Divemaster
without Equipment & Dives560,00 €

Here you can find all course prices

Our Tec Diving Prices

Tec Diving in Safaga

Certification fee: 55,00 €

TDI Advanced Nitrox
incl Theorie (6Std) and Books, excl. Equipment & DIves + Gas280,00 €
TDI Decompression Procedures
incl Theorie (6Std) and Books, excl. Equipment & DIves + Gas280,00 €
TDI Trimix Diver
incl Theorie (6Std) and Books, excl. Equipment & DIves + Gas390,00 €
TDI Advanced Trimix
incl Theorie (8Std) and Books, excl. Equipment & DIves + Gas390,00 €

Everything about Tec-Diving with us


Boat Tour & Quad Rides

Ray – Boarding

Fly like a ray through the underwater world!

Pulled on a rope from the dinghy, you only need to tilt the board slightly to dive in.

Slow cruising or fast freestyles… it’s easy!

Fun for the whole family, young and old, everyone will have fun.

Give it a try!

Boat trip in Safaga

Also non-divers have the possibility to participate in our boat trips. The reefs off Safaga are also excellent for snorkelling. Whether just to enjoy the atmosphere on the sea or for swimming or snorkeling, everyone is welcome.

Quad Rides

Driving pleasure without limit!

On 4 wheels, motorbike feeling, even without license.

Discover the dessert around Safaga with a Quad!

A combination is possible Quad driving, camel riding and visiting a Bedouin village.

The Team


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Menadive c/o Menaville

Hotel Port Safaga / Red Sea, Egypt


Dive Center: +20 – 1222419795

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