The best Dive Sites in Safaga


Ras Abu Soma

The peninsula forms the northern end of the bay of Safaga. The “Ras” (head), a wall which ends in the south in a 25 m deep plateau. Main current direction is north. The diving place fascinates by excellent visibility and the nearby drop off.
On the plateau you find up to 4m big, very old table corals. The chance of big fish is given by the nearby open sea, meetings with gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, sting rays, eagle rays and hammer head sharks are happening.

Ras Abu Soma Garden

In the south of Ras Abu Soma is this varied coral garden, which is well known for surprising viewings of many different kinds of fishes. Often turtles, milk fishes and barracudas are seen. Either shallow or deep dives here everybody find what he prefers.

Tobia Arba

A group of corals towers, 7 in the number, also known under the name „ seven towers”. From a depth of 15 m they reach up to surface. By the protection of Soma Bay, currents are very rare and if very light.
This place is created like for photographers, clouds from harem flags perches and hatchet belly fish populate the overhangs laden with soft corals of the towers, a classical picture of the Red Sea. One finds Lion fish by the dozen, but also Napoleon, barracuda, turtles and a lot more.

Tobia Hamra

Long-drawn reef, only 40 min by boat from MenaDive, stretches from the north to south.Beginning on the surface it drops down to a ridge on 10m. O the outer side of the ridge it drops down to 30m depth gently. The Coral garden is broken up by several sand patches offering several possible dives. Little current and lots of schools of different fish just as very often sighted stone and scorpion fishes are the brand name of this place.

Tobia Kebir

A big reef only 35 minutes away from MenaDive. In the south of it are many coral blocks, which are leading the way to Tobia Soraya. In east direction we reach the outside through a channel where there could be a little current. The reef drops to a maximum of 18m depth. Because of the light current it is very colorful. All kinds of reef fishes are to be expected and it is also a popular place for swarms of young fishes.

Sandy Island

Only 30min from MenaDive.Directly under the boat we find a sand bottom in 6-10m depth. Following the reef northwards a wall drops of sometimes gentle sometimes steep and ends in 25m Sand bottom. All kind of hard corals are represented such as table corals, fire corals and brain corals. Pipe fishes, parrot fishes and doctor fishes living here, also turtles and dolphins have been seen. It is a perfect place to find all the hiding fishes. The colorful southern blocks invite you to finish your dive in a wonderful atmosphere.

Tobia Soraya

Consists of 7 medium-sized long coral blocks, and is reached in 40min from MenaDive. Basically two dives are possible on this dive place. From the southernmost point we will dive the first 3 blocks, or we dive “one way” that means we are starting from Tobia Kebir along all blocks towards Tobia soraya. The blocks stand on approx. 15m depth on a sand bottom and form a dream like scenery for the varied fauna and flora

Gamul Soraya

A medium-sized round coral block, to be reached in 40min from MenaDive. Depths around the block 12 to 18m, in the southeast Gamul Soraya is guarded of several small coral blocks which does not reach the surface. Schools of braces, bat fishes, sweet lips, banner fishes, red and black Snappers inhabit this reef formations, a field of Sand eels is to be found here too.

Gamul Kebir

A big, round reef with a small lagoon in the middle, in the north a few round coral blocks and in the south 1 smaller long drawn coral block, is reached in 30 min from MenaDive. From the mooring we dive towards east than through a narrow channel to the outside. At maximum 15m depth we turn towards north towards the northern coral blocks. Schools of Jung Fishes will accompany us all the way, however, also sea creatures which mostly live on the ground exist numerously.

Panorama Reef

With certainty the best known reef in Safaga. In about 60min we have reached the reef from MenaDive. A very big reef with walls on the western and the eastern side in the south and the north there is a plateau. Surrounded by the sea, of course current will occur but a very good chance for seeing big fish. A famous turtle is living there since years doe to here special formed shell she is called “Quasimodo”.

Panorama North

This is for sure the most beautiful part of the Reef. The east side of the plateau is full of hill forming corals which are slowly going down in the depth. Thousands of fairy basslets are swimming in the current, which can be here very strong. Here the Red Sea shows itself from the best side, colorful, beautiful corals and a lot of fishes. It is a good place to see Sharks. On the west part of the plateau are huge table corals. Don´t forget to take a look under them!

Panorama Süd

The south plateau starts on 18m and is slowly falling down to a little bit more than 30m.On the east side are growing huge gorgonians in which you can find longnosehawk fishes. If the current is not too strong we will dive on to the east side which is because of often stronger current covered with really nice corals. In the shallow area of the southwest is a big anemone field with a huge amount of clown fishes. Scorpion fishes are seen in every dive and also a few barracudas made the south to their district.

Middle Reef

Forms the middle between Panorama and Abu Kafan and is reached in 80min from MenaDive. This very big round reef fascinates by its versatility. In the north an untouched plateau starts in 12m and ends in 30m in an edge into the blue. Southwest a coral to garden broken up with sand patches which offers a lot of different views. In the south a single coral tower stands directly on the edge to a very nicely covered coral wall which drops to 70m depth. The good last the southeast a coral garden that of its same addiction. Labyrinth courteously going further in coral embankments it covers a gigantic area. All of that in moderate depths of 5 to 20m.

Shaab Quais

Two corals blocks together resemble a camel back and are in the north south direction directly on a rim of two plateaus, in the west with 16m depth and in the east 25m depth. By its exposed position the current is in nine of ten cases too strong to dive, however, should you have the luck to dive there, you will probably see one of the most colorful and most living reefs which there is in the Red Sea. The reef fascinates by his soft corals and fan corals, groupers, turtles and groups of sweet lips. You find all reef fishes in masses.

Shaab Sheer East

In only 80 min we reach from MenaDive the more than 1km long reef. On the east corner of the main reef there are two huge coral blocks, which are building together with the main reef a big channel. Through this we reach a beautiful coral garden. Here you can spend your time or you can go on to the northern side. In addition there is the wreck of the Al Kahfan, a 115 m long ship altered several times, on the way to Sudan just before Hurghada it went of in flames and found her last place in the north of Shaab Sheer east.

Shaab Sheer West

The most beautiful part is here the north area. Here you find a huge hard coral garden in depth from 5 to 30m. On the way out along a big coral shaped like a mushroom you have to pass a small channel between the main reef and a big coral rise. The current can be sometimes strong, but that bring always good visibility and of course a lot of fish too. Westward from the mooring there is a small lagoon in there you feel like in an aquarium.

Abu Kafan

A long, narrow reef approx. 90 minutes from Safaga. Abu Kafan is a Wall which drops vertically to more than 100 meters. Spectacular wall dives are the result. In the north as well as in the south there is a plateau. Abu Kafan is in the open sea current and big fish can be seen here often.

Abu Kafan North

In the north of Abu Kafan is a big plateau with many smaller and one bigger coral block. Shallow or deep everybody get here what he prefer. Because of mostly strong current you will find here a lot of life. Also a chance to see big fishes is given here. Due to the weather conditions it is usually not possible to stop the boat at the plateau so that one-way dives are here the better choice. From the north on the west side towards south you are diving along a wall, later this dive you will pass another small plateau with huge table corals.

Abu Kafan South

On the southern side shimmers a huge and long plateau in the most beautiful colors. A big almost the surface reaching block forms with the main reef a channel. Often strong current can make it impossible to pass. Because of this it is recommended to do a drift dive. Along the fantastic east wall you are drifting towards the south plateau. Here a huge quantity of soft corals let diver hearts beat faster. Either small nudibranches or big turtles, here you can find everything.

Shaab Sheer Soraya

A round reef in the south of Safaga reached in 90min from MenaDive. Depth around 14m and little current are making this place perfect for easy dives. Especially nice you find the shallow part with a lot of small caves and holes, here you always can find puffer and porcupine fish. On the bottom are living plenty of blue spotted stingrays and also you can see morays swimming around.

Shaab Claude

Not far from Shaab Sheer we find Shaab Claude. A small round reef with a long coral block on its southwest side. Curios on Shaab Claude is a field of small dead coral gravel, in contrast to different other opinions it is one mood of the nature. However, also in living corals and fishes there is no shortage on this reef. At the southern point are growing huge Gorgonians and the Longnosehawkfish you can find here.

Cannon Reef South

A big reef in north south direction more than 1 km long. We reach the reef within 90min. From the main reef we dive along some big blocks towards south. Many schools of different fishes will welcome you and when you are lucky dolphins will pass by. The chance is very big here.

Cannon Reef North

From the surface up to the Sand bottom at 14m is the reef of full live. It is a perfect spot for relaxed diving because here current is not expected. But you have to keep your eyes open, many different kinds of nudibranches can be found and also the Red Sea Walkman is living here.

Shaab Hamdallah

The most southern reef which we are going to from MenaDive, in 90min we are there. From a depth from 18-20m coral towers grow up to the surface. Some blocks do not grown till the surface and have given the place weird underwater scenery. Unfortunately, doe to the exposed position of the diving place we very seldom get there.

Wreck Diving: Salem Express

Salem Express was a 115m long and 18m wide Egyptian ferry which was built in 1966.In the night from 16th to the 17th of December 1991 the Salem Express crashed into a reef. It was a stormy night. Trough the crash the bow gate opened and water came in very fast. The ferry listed and sank within a few minutes. Most of the passengers, mainly pilgrims on their way back from Mecca, was sleeping. The Wreck „Salem Express“ is now laying 1,5 hours away from MenaDive in a depth between 11m and 30m on the starboard. The interesting wreck, slowly captured back from the nature, is already covered with lots of corals.

Wreck Diving: Al Kahfan

The Al Kahfan should have been carried over to Sudan when it catches from unsettled reasons close to Hurghada fire. Tries to extinguish the fire were not successful and they abandoned the ship. Still in fire Al Kahfan was drifting to Safaga and crashed in the northeast from Shaab Sheer. Water came inside and ferry got wreck. Today it lies upside down on a small plateau in a depth of 22m and is easily reached with the zodiac from Shaab Sheer east.