Everything about Tec Diving with us 👌


Who of us hasn’t wondered what it would be like to push the limits of recreational diving and go to depths that were once reserved for professional divers, a small group of specialists.

This experience, this fascination is now within reach and affordable.

With the entry into technical diving we open a door to a fascinating, unique and above all very little visited world.

The course offer is aimed at all those who like to get away from the already known and dived regions and who want to cross the borders that recreational diving imposes on us in order to discover a world that only a few before them have dived.

Behind all this there is a technique to be mastered, even if it is very complex. We will gently introduce you to the technique and gradually open one door after the other together. You will experience one of the last adventures on this earth with us.

With a specially adapted course program from TDI (Technical Diving International) we make fascinating dives and completely new possibilities possible for you.

Also for those of you who have already dedicated yourself to this diving in the past, we can make technical diving in Safaga possible with our equipment and gas logistics.

You can expect double equipment, aluminum stages, back plates, wings, bottom and stage regulators, buoys, bottom timers, VR3 trimix computers and much more.

Our constantly well-filled oxygen and helium bank is always ready for use. Even spontaneous people have the possibility to stay true to their hobby.

Whether open, semi-closed or closed system, all divers are welcome and will get their money’s worth.

Once you have seen the beauty of our deep reefs, you will be drawn back here again and again.

What are you waiting for? Come and see for yourself – we are at your disposal!