Technical Diving

There is no limit

Didn't we all ask our self how it would be to cross the borders of recreational diving.
Reaching depth which where, in earlier days, only for a very small group of specialists and professional divers.
This experience, this fascinating way of diving has now moved to be easy and affordable.
With the entrance in technical diving we open a door to a fascinating, unique and after all very little visited world.
The course program offered, are for all who would like to move, from the well known region of diving crossing the borders and limits set for recreational diving. Reaching depth which only a few ever reached before.
Behind all of this there is a controllable but extensive technique.
We will get you slowly into the technology and push open bit by bit one door after the other. You will experience one of the last adventures on earth.

With the special course program of TDI (Technical Diving Internationally) we allow to you enjoy dives and new possibilities.

For those among us which have stepped in to this way of diving before we are happy to help you out with our equipment and gas logistics to enjoy technical diving in Safaga.

Twin sets, Alu-Stages, back plates, Wing bladder, regulator, SMB (Surface marker buoy), Bottom timer, Trimix computer VR3 and much more.

We have always Oxygen and Helium in stock, even on short notice you can enjoy your passion.

Whether open, semi-closed or closed system, all technical divers are welcome.

The once who has seen the beauty of our deep reefs, will be back to enjoy them again.

What you are waiting for? Come and find out yourself we are glad to help you.