SF2 ECCR Rebreather

Isn`t it the dream from all of us ones soundless gliding through the water! Not to scare off the fishes with our bubbles!
With an Rebreather the dream comes true!
Try it and find out yourself it is real, Introduction dive and System rental both is possible.

This offer is valid the whole year round.

Keep it simple! This was the philosophy for the development of the 1st SF2 which seems to have been achieved. In comparison to other units the SF2 is straight forward, compact and stream lined. Looking closely at the rebreather one can see the counter lung is integrated  into a carbon fibre body of the rebreather. This idea came from its predecessor the pSCR SF1.


ECCR (Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather)
this system is working with so called “Setpoints” = pre set Oxygen Partial pressure.
This Setpoint is supervised by the electronics and kept on the pre set figure at all times.
The Oxygen within the circuit is monitored by 3 Oxygen cells.