Scooter – Silent Submerge

Fun? A lot of fun!
Difficulty? Very low! 

Everybody, really everybody can dive (drive) with a scooter.

You will dive with your own equipment and from us you only get a harness in which the scooter will be hooked in. Like this you can easily control the scooter with just one hand. Because of the size and the weight of the scooters outside the water, we have to take them into the water with the help of a crane. At the surface you just have to hook in and you are ready to descend. Under water get the right buoyancy, the scooter itself is neutral, and you are ready to drive.

Without stress even against the current, visiting parts of the reef which you can´t reach just with fining, diving around the reefs without one fin kick, this is only possible with a scooter.
With a minimum of 2hours battery power and 9 different speed levels up to 9km/h you will have 2 dives pure fun!