i.a.c. / CMAS

Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques

Junior Diver / Junior CMAS *

In this course you will get used to all the necessary equipment needed for scuba diving and you will do together with an instructor your first dive.


  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Declaration of consent from the parents
  • Diving medical statement
  • The student must be able to swim a distance of minimum  25 m

Junior Scuba Diver / Junior CMAS **

After you completed your first dive successfully you will learn in this course a lot of new things like the hand signals, buoyancy control, navigation underwater and also something about the environment.


  • Minimum age: 9 years
  • Declaration of consent from the parents
  • Diving medical statement

Junior Open Water Diver / Junior CMAS ***

Now you become an advanced junior diver. In this course you will learn about the physics of diving, the equipment and how to behave in a group of divers.


  • Minimum age: 10 years
  • Declaration of consent from the parents
  • Diving medical statement
  • Junior Scuba Diver

Barakuda Open Water Diver / CMAS * Stern Taucher

With this course you start your career as a diver. This international accepted course gives you the possibility to see more from the wonderful underwater world.


  • 14 years

The Course:

  • Duration 4 days, 4 training dives from the beach and 4 dives from the boat.
  • 6 hours theory with a small final exam.

Barakuda Master Diver / CMAS ** Stern Taucher

This course is based on the Open Water Diver. With more training and more skills you will increase confidence and your safety. Practicing different dive situations, diving with unknown buddies and autonomous diving are the main subjects of this course.


  • 16 years
  • 25 logged dives
  • Diving medical statement
  • CMAS* or equivalent
  • Specialties required
    Group leading

The course:

  • Duration ca. 3 days, 5 dives
  • 6 theory modules with a small final exam

Barakuda Dive Leader / CMAS *** Stern Taucher

Get responsibility for other divers, planning and conducting dives, assisting an instructor during education are the topics to make the first step towards your professional diving career.


  • 18 years
  • minimum 65 logged dives
  • Diving medical statement.
  • CMAS** or equivalent
  • Specialties required
    Night diving
    and one you can choose from your favorites.

The course:

During the training you will learn to react in a right way on different simulated diving situation and solve the problems. We will bring your theoretical knowledge up to an professional level in order to support beginners when needed.önnen.

Specialty Courses

Beside the main courses „Open Water Diver“ until „Dive Leader“ there is another possibility to continue your education with specialties.

These courses can be completed within 1-2days. All the courses are consisting of theory and a practical part. During the dives we will increase the skills.

Specialties for example:

Navigation, Group leading, Emergency first response, Night diving, Rescue, Drift diving, Wreck diving, Computer diving, Deep-Diving, Search & Recovery