Diving with MenaDive

We meet at the center at 08:30am get the equipment together check our Nitrox tanks and go aboard our Diving boat! We leave the Marina at 09:00am.

For your convenient our center offers:

MenaDive is open for you every day the whole year round!
The average time to the dive spots lies between 30 - 90 minutes!
Nitrox for free! (Nitrox certified)
We carry your equipment to the boats!
Small groups on the boats!
Substantial briefing for every dive!
Well trained Instructor team!
Safety Equipment, Oxygen, VHF Radio, Mobil phone on every Boat!
Decompression chamber in Safaga only 5km from MenaDive!
Helpfully and friendly Boat crew!
Two Drying rooms for your equipment!
Two fresh water pools to rinse your gear after the dive day!
Relax in our MenaDive Bar after a successfully dive day!

Early Morning Dive starts the day with the sunrise on the sea, watch a reef coming to life this unique experience will pay off for the early get up.

Night dive by boat or from the beach, it is amazing over and over again to experience how, in the light of the torch, the night life in and around the reef goes on. How many living creatures romp about only at night in the reef, where and how they sleep and so much more.....

New Night dive experience: As a new attraction we got  night diving with black light. Discover the fluorescing marine life. See details of corals which could not been seen under normal light.

Deep diving down to 40m, 20min bottom time, Nitrox 28%, Stage tank, Instructor guided, gas change! This experience you should not miss!!

Scooter: Without one fin kick going around a reef and you can visit new sites from the reefs. This is now possible with our Silent Submerge Scooter.

Rebreather diving: soundless gliding through the water, not scaring the fishes of with our bubbles, 90min dives with only 5,5l tanks! This is diving with a Rebreather!

Trimix Diving: 40m are not deep enough? Why don't you try 60m? 20min bottom time, twin-set and two stage tanks, one to one ratio with an instructor, gas changes and a clear mind the whole dive through. We ready to take you down! You are already a certified Trimix-Diver? Our Drop-offs are awaiting you.